Recently, Airbus has secured a new contract in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) through a deal worth over $1.2 billion, involving the sale of 48 military helicopters, including the renowned H225M and NH90. The agreement was signed between Airbus and the UAE armed forces at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) 2021 held in Abu Dhabi.

Additionally, the French fighter jet manufacturer, Dassault Aviation won a contract worth €3.4 billion ($4.1 billion) to provide 18 Rafale fighter jets to the UAE. The Rafale jets are considered among the most advanced and versatile fighter jets in the world, marking a significant strategic investment for the UAE`s air force.

The deal secured by Airbus highlights the company`s dedication to expanding its foothold in the UAE, which is a crucial market for its military aircraft. The H225M and NH90 are versatile helicopters, capable of carrying out various operations, including troop transport, search and rescue missions, emergency medical evacuation, and naval operations.

Airbus also unveiled its new anti-submarine warfare (ASW) version of the NH90 helicopter, the NH90 Sea Lion, which will be delivered to the German Navy. The NH90 Sea Lion is a multi-role naval helicopter designed to perform a range of missions, including ASW, anti-surface warfare (ASuW), search and rescue (SAR), and troop transport.

Dassault Aviation`s Rafale fighter jet has been a significant success story for the company, with the UAE contract adding to its already impressive portfolio of customers. The Rafale has been designed to operate in various combat situations, including air-to-air combat, air-to-ground combat, and reconnaissance missions. Its advanced technology, including its active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar, infrared search and track (IRST) system, and advanced electronic warfare (EW) capabilities, make it an attractive option for air forces around the world.

In conclusion, Airbus`s new contract and Dassault Aviation`s Rafale deal with the UAE mark significant strategic investments for both companies. The H225M and NH90 helicopters and the Rafale fighter jets are renowned for their versatility and advanced technology, making them ideal for military operations. The contracts also highlight the UAE`s commitment to enhancing its military capabilities and positioning itself as a key player in the region`s defense sector.